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About Us

International strength. Local solutions.

We possess a level of innovation, expertise and experience that is unmatched in our industry.

Coreslab Structures is a pioneer in the construction industry, providing cutting-edge precast/prestressed concrete products that are both durable and cost-effective. With almost five decades of experience in delivering award-winning results, Coreslab is a leader in innovative structural design and sustainable practices.

Our professional, personalized service is backed by an extensive nationwide and international network of in-house and outside experts, so you can be sure to get a custom solution that meets your needs. With 17 production facilities in the United States and Canada, Coreslab Structures is the go-to choice for quality precast/prestressed concrete solutions.

Since 1975 Coreslab Structures has been a premier producer of precast/prestressed concrete products. Founded in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, Coreslab originated as a small hollow core production facility primarily servicing the Ontario region. In 1988 Coreslab made its first entry into the U.S. market, acquiring a business in Phoenix, Arizona. This first acquisition was the beginning of a trend that saw the company steadily expand throughout the nation.

Precast concrete has become a highly sought-after building material due to its unmatched strength and versatility and Coreslab has responded to that demand by expanding operations across North America. In addition to enhanced facilities in Ontario, Canada, Coreslab now operates production plants in 13 states servicing local, regional, and national customers in multiple markets.

Coreslab Structures has been an industry leader for almost 50 years. Our commitment to excellence, leading technical expertise and collaborative culture allows us to deliver award-winning, innovative solutions that meet the schedule and cost requirements of our valued customers.

About Us

Our Culture

At Coreslab, we understand that collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to excellence are the foundation of successful construction projects.

Our team is passionate about providing cutting-edge, globally-acknowledged solutions to the world’s most eminent projects, delivered on time and within budget.

We are dedicated to collaboration, both in-house and onsite, to ensure that every element of a project runs as smoothly as possible. Our award-winning team works with owners, architects, construction managers, and engineers to bring their vision to life. We take the extra time to pay attention to the details, from managing a restricted timeline and reducing waste on the construction site to designing and manufacturing functional, attractive products.

At Coreslab, we are continuously expanding our knowledge and technical expertise to bring innovative solutions to the construction industry. We are committed to excellence in everything we do, and strive to make sure our clients’ projects are successful.

Coreslab’s Service Is Like Our Products: Reliable, Adaptable, Innovative, Efficient, Cost-effective & Supportive.

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