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Concrete Building Components For Auto Dealership Projects

Helping Dealerships Respond To A Growing Demand…

Coreslab can help auto dealerships meet their growing demand through the use of precast concrete structures. Precast concrete is a costeffective solution for building new structures quickly, with minimal disruption to existing operations.

cast concrete is also durable and requires minimal maintenance, which can help reduce longterm costs. Additionally, with a range of design options, precast concrete can provide dealerships with a unique opportunity to create unique and inviting showrooms

Coreslab Structures is involved with projects ranging from single manufacturer showrooms and service buildings to grand showrooms for multiple makes of autos and larger multi-level parking structures with indoor air-conditioned service bays, body shops, and parts departments. 

With stacked levels of stored vehicles, real estate use is maximized; at the same time, dealerships can take full advantage of the security that enclosed structures provide.

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Specializes in the Design, Manufacturing, & Installation Of Precast Concrete Products

Welcome to Coreslab Structures – your premier source for precast/prestressed concrete installation since 1975. We have been a leader in supplying quality products and solutions to markets in Canada and the United States for over four decades. 

At Coreslab, our commitment to excellence, technical expertise, and collaborative culture have enabled us to become a leading innovator in construction, structural design, and sustainable practices.

With 17 precast/prestressed concrete facilities located across North America, we are proud to provide our customers with award-winning, innovative solutions that meet their cost and schedule requirements.  Choose Coreslab Structures for your precast/prestressed concrete installation and trust that you’re in good hands.

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