Project Manager – St. Louis Market

Coreslab Structures (MISSOURI) Inc. is now accepting qualified applications for a Project Manager in the St. Louis market for our Prestress Concrete manufacturing plant in Marshall, Missouri.

Position Purpose:
Managing jobsites and job progress for precast/prestressed concrete structures is a crucial aspect of ensuring a project’s timely completion, quality, and overall success; whether it’s for parking garages, mixed-use structures, infrastructure projects, or other total precast solutions.

Review the scope of work, deadlines, and milestones after turnover from sales.
Obtain mix designs from GC’s and Architects.
Manage submittals with engineering, production, and erection.
Monitor billing schedule/retainage, including collections through project till full payment.
Monitor jobsites to assure contractors requested milestones are realistic and achievable.
Monitor production timetables and raw material to meet schedule.
Obtain erection sequence and coordinate with production, contractors, and erector.
Coordinate loose material and repairs with field patch supervisor.
Perform inspections during the erection phase of projects.
Determine truck ingress/egress and acquire required stage lot.
Review any back charges and change orders for validity and respond accordingly.
Review and coordinate Architects punch list and submit all closeout documents.

Skills and Knowledge:
Good verbal and written skills: Ability to communicate complex ideas and concepts clearly and effectively.
Computer Literacy: Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, AutoCAD, and familiarity with Precast/Prestress Design software.
Adaptability: Demonstrated ability to maintain a positive attitude in ever-changing conditions.
Organizational Skills: Exceptional ability to manage multiple projects, prioritize tasks, and ensure timely project completion.

Qualifications and Experience:
Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management or equivalent.
Knowledge of Precast Manufacturing Processes.
Proficient in reading drawing and prints.
Able to interpret specifications and verify items in question.
Self-starter able to prioritize work to meet deadlines.
One year experience in the precast preferred.
Adaptability to work in both administrative and hands-on environments.
Excellent interpersonal skills to establish rapport with clients, office staff, and plant personnel.

Physical Requirements:
Stress Tolerance: The employee must possess the mental and emotional fortitude to handle high-pressure situations, tight deadlines, and unexpected challenges without it adversely affecting their performance or decision-making abilities.

Extended Working Hours: The nature of the job might occasionally require the employee to work beyond standard office hours, especially during project peaks or when meeting critical deadlines. Flexibility in adapting to extended hours or working weekends is essential.

Work Environment:
The role involves working in a dual environment, splitting time between an office setting and active job sites. This provides the employee with a comprehensive view of both the planning and execution stages of the project. Regular meetings with clients are part of the job. This ensures that all client specifications, concerns, and feedback are promptly addressed, maintaining a healthy client relationship and ensuring project success.

Measurement for Success:
Success in any venture or project is determined by setting specific benchmarks or goals and then measuring performance against those benchmarks. Two of the most crucial metrics for many businesses are customer satisfaction and financial performance.

Health/dental/vision coverage
401K and/or ROTH
Paid vacation and sick time
Life insurance

Application Process:
Please complete the application form to the right along with attaching a resume and cover letter.

Coreslab Structures (MISSOURI) Inc.
1615 West Arrow St.
PO Box 996
Marshall, MO 65340
Phone 660-886-3306

Job Categories: Project Manager
Job Types: Full Time
Job Locations: Marshall.MO

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