Like Anything But a Parking Garage

A New Gem For The City of Punta Gorda

Coreslab Structures (TAMPA) Inc. was the precast manufacture for the construction team lead by Owen Ames Kimball for the new Herald Court Parking Garage located in Punta Gorda, FL. The Architect on the project was Fawley Bryant Architects and the Engineer was TLC Engineers.

In late July of 2009 this total precast mixed-use facility opened as the city continues its rebound from Hurricane Charley. The brand new Herald Court Centre not only adds 400 parking spaces in the middle of downtown, it also provides commercial space for potential businesses.

The city wanted to make this project an extension of the nearby or adjoining buildings and needed to do it on a postage size site in an urban location.  The only viable solution the design team, lead by Fawley Bryant Architects, would consider for such a project was a total precast structure.  The ability to work within the footprint with minimum disruption to the surrounding area and the economical value precast provides, it was a perfect fit for the City of Punta Gorda needs.

heraldcourt4 heraldcourt3

What is the word on the street?

“The $12.4 million city-owned Herald Court Centre, at Olympia Avenue and U.S. 41 North, looks like anything but a parking garage.

It has a modern, multicolored exterior that looks more like lofts or offices, covering more than 400 free parking spaces inside and 17,000 square feet of retail space on the ground floor

City Manager Howard Kunik said the center is a key ingredient for downtown business.”

– Sarasota Herald Tribune


“Next to the courthouse, hugging the corner of U.S. 41 South and Olympia Avenue is another new gem for the city. Normally, a parking garage wouldn’t generate much excitement, but this is an attractive one with commercial space available on the ground floor.”

– Naples Daily News


“I never used to consider a parking garage as the type of building that makes a downtown more attractive.  If you haven’t visited Punta Gorda in a while you will be surprised.”



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