Austin, Texas

Coreslab Structures (TEXAS) Inc. manufactures a complete line of architectural and structural precast building products geared toward the parking garage, architectural cladding, and total precast building solutions.

Our goal is to initiate a team approach to construction solutions at the beginning of a project to enhance the value of the final structure to the Owner/Developer. We provide our customers with up-front project consultation that produces innovative solutions, engineering for thorough product design, and plant and field operations personnel who bring it all together to deliver a quality project.

We have been serving the Texas Market since 1988.

Austin, Texas offers the following capabilities:

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Austin, Texas

15916 Anderson Mill Road
Cedar Park, TX 78613

Phone: 512-250-0755
Fax: 512-250-1967

Bill Doughty, P.E.

Vice President/Sales Manager

Garrett Weidman, P.E.

Sales Consultant for Austin

Rick Anderson

Sales Consultant for Dallas / Ft Worth

Bob Spragins

Sales Consultant for Houston

Bruce Wardlaw

Sales Consultant for Multi-Family Garages

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