Indianapolis, Indiana

Coreslab Structures (INDIANAPOLIS) Inc. is recognized as a leader in the design, manufacture, and erection of structural and architectural precast/ prestressed concrete products and buildings. Our plant has been in continuous operation since 1963, Coreslab Structures acquired the facility in 2004. We have been certified by the Precast/ Prestressed Concrete Institute for over 40 years, currently as an AB and C3 certified plant.

Our products are routinely specified and used for parking garages, stadiums and arenas, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. We serve Indiana and surrounding states.

At Coreslab Structures (INDIANAPOLIS) we believe in the TEAM approach. Our goal is to initiate construction solutions to enhance the value of the final structure to the Owner/ Developer. We strive to get involved early in construction projects so we can provide the Owner and the Design Team with preliminary structural design and layouts, budget pricing and schedule assistance to ensure their structure meets all their structural and aesthetic requirements, on-time and in budget.

Indianapolis, Indiana offers the following capabilities:

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Indianapolis, Indiana

1030 S. Kitley Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46203

Phone: 317-353-2118
Fax: 317-357-6012

Corey Greika P.E.

Vice President/Sales Manager
Struct. & Arch. Precast Sales in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan

Doug Sears

Chief Estimator

Jacob Ballain

Sales/Proj. Administrator
Struct. & Arch. Precast Sales in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan

Eric A. Raupp

Sales Engineer
Struct. & Arch. Precast Sales in Ohio, Kentucky, & West Virginia

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