Phoenix, Arizona

Coreslab Structures (ARIZ) Inc. specializes in the design, construction and erection of precast concrete buildings.  We provide a superior level of customer service, which has been integral to our success since 1982.  We build long-term relationships with designers, owners and builders through our design and construction expertise, and our cost effective solutions.

Our market area includes all of Arizona and Southern Nevada.

Phoenix, Arizona offers the following capabilities:




Anniversary Supplement
Solid As A Rock | 9-21-2023

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Phoenix, Arizona

5026 South 43rd Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85041

Phone: 602-237-3875
Fax: 602-237-3459

Phil Richardson

Sales Manager

Steve Spears

Senior Project Consultant

Jesse Steichen

Director of Preconstruction

Suzanne Nelson

Business Development

Ryan Mohn

Estimating/Project Consultant

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