10th & Wyandotte Parking Garage – Kansas City, MO

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10th & Wyandotte Parking Garage – Kansas City, MO

Project Overview

This 10th & Wyandotte Parking Garage is an impressive example of the possibilities that precast concrete structures can offer. Located in the heart of downtown Kansas City, this 5-story garage features unique blockouts in its precast exterior panels. To create these unique shapes, custom molds had to be created and attached to the formwork. The project also included ceramic artwork that was added to the blockouts, creating a one-of-a-kind design.

In total, the project included 281 pieces of precast concrete, covering approximately 72,000 square feet of double tees. The entire project was completed in a remarkable 10 months, from award to finish erection. This project exemplifies the strength and versatility of precast concrete structures, and their ability to incorporate a wide range of custom shapes and designs.

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Project Attributes

Project Name:
10th & Wyandotte Parking Garage – Kansas City, MO
Project Location:
Kansas City MO

Building Type:
Parking Structures

Broadway Square Partners

Precast Producer:
Coreslab (ARK) Inc.

Product Types:
Project Attributes:
This structure acts as a community storm shelter & a volleyball practice facility for the girl’s H.S. team.  Seismic Design Category: “D”.  9, 155 sq/ft. (71) total precast pieces. total of 8 erection days. (19) 32″ double tees + 4″ FEMA topping slab. Double tee span 66′-0″.  (41) 12″ insulated wall panels – the exterior is a combination of block/brick veneer, metal panels, & exposed precast walls. walls have 2″ of insulation with vertical & horizontal reveals. wall height: 33′-9″. Panel widths 10″ & 12″ wide.  (11) 8″ solid roof slabs +4″ FEMA topping/over locker rooms & restrooms located on the backside of the building.  The project completed in 2022.

Precast Benefits

This 10th & Wyandotte Parking Garage is a stunning example of the benefits of precast concrete structures. Its 5-story design features unique blackouts in its precast exterior panels, which were achieved using custom molds and ceramic artwork. By utilizing precast concrete, the project was able to cover 72,000 square feet with 281 pieces in just 10 months, allowing for a quick and efficient turnaround.

This project highlights the strength and versatility of precast concrete, displaying the wide range of custom shapes and designs it can accommodate. With precast concrete, this impressive project was able to be completed on time and on budget.

10th & Wyandotte Parking Garage – Kansas City, MO

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