BJC East Staff Parking Garage – St. Louis, MO

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BJC East Staff Parking Garage – St. Louis, MO

Project Overview

This project, situated at the heart of the bustling Washington University Medical Campus, successfully constructed a multi-level parking garage using advanced precast concrete technologies. A robust structure rising eight levels high, the garage accommodates up to 1,900 vehicles. The building project involved assembling 1,857 high-performance precast components, among which 1,119 pre-topped double tees, these alone provided an impressive 760,000 square feet of parking deck. Achieving this large-scale erection was a product of 37 weeks of dedicated work. The project’s architectural appeal and durability were enhanced by using a standard gray cement mix for the exterior spandrels and walls and applying a sandblasted finish with vertical reveals.

Precast Producer: Coreslab Marshall, MO
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Project Attributes

Project Name:

BJC East Staff Parking Garage

Project Location:

St. Louis, MO

Building Type:

Parking Structures


BJC Healthcare


KAI Design & Build

Precast Producer:

Coreslab (MISSOURI) Inc.

Product Types:


Project Attributes:

This Precast Structure Parking Garage resulted in a robust, multi-level car parking garage with a capacity for 1,900 cars. Constructed using 1,857 high-performance precast pieces, which include 1,111 pre-topped double tees across eight levels, it offers a vast parking deck space of 760,000 square feet. Managed effectively, the structure was successfully erected within a timeline of 37 weeks.

Precast Benefits

The use of precast concrete in the parking garage project at Washington University Medical Campus offered significant advantages. The efficiency and speed showcased by the completion of the project in 37 weeks underlines the rapid assembly benefits of ready-made precast components. This method also guarantees quality and durability due to controlled environmental conditions during precasting, which is pivotal for multi-storey car parks that must endure heavy, frequent use. Precast concrete’s design flexibility is evident in the project’s exterior spandrels and walls, which despite employing a standard gray cement mix, featured vertical reveals and a stylish sandblasted finish.

Precast components also appear to be a cost-effective choice, due to their extended lifespan, minimal maintenance, and predictable upfront pricing. Moreover, the precasting process is environmentally friendly, generating less waste than traditional site-cast concrete, while enhancing worker safety with controlled factory conditions. In essence, the project benefited from the swift, affordable, reliable, and flexible advantages of precast concrete in construction, besides its eco-friendly and safety-related merits.

BJC East Staff Parking Garage – St. Louis, MO

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Precast Producer: Coreslab Marshall, MO