Blendtek Boxwood Development – Cambridge, ON

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Blendtek Boxwood Development – Cambridge, ON

Project Overview

Blendtek Ingredients Inc. recently unveiled their new 85,000 square foot headquarters in Cambridge, Ontario, built by Jackman Construction Ltd. To facilitate their product development and increased production capabilities, the new facility features 21,915 square feet of precast concrete hollow core and solid slabs, as well as 32,258 square feet (150 pcs) of insulated precast walls – measuring 42’-7” tall – to meet both SQF and organic certifications.

Additionally, the new building houses a Research & Development Lab, Test Kitchen, and advanced technology and equipment to increase production efficiency, food safety and traceability. For employee use, the building features a wellness and fitness area, multiple outdoor patios and collaboration rooms, as well as access to walking trails, community amenities and public transit.

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Project Attributes

Project Name:

Blendtek Boxwood Development

Project Location:

Cambridge, ON

Building Type:

Mixed Use




SRM (Snider Reichard March) Architects Inc.

Precast Producer:

Coreslab (ONT) Inc.

Product Types:


Project Attributes:

This project was for Blendtek Ingredients, which included the construction of their new Head Office, Manufacturing/Distribution Facility and Research Center. The general contractor on this job was Jackman Construction Ltd. In total, the project was 85,000 square feet, with 21,915 square feet of hollow core and solid slab combination, and 32,258 square feet of 150 insulated precast walls with a smooth finish. Each wall panel was 42’-7” tall and the entire wall area was stained on-site after installation.

Precast Benefits

Precast concrete offers a range of benefits to Blendtek Ingredients Inc. and Jackman Construction Ltd. that include lower weight, faster install times, and improved fire safety. Precast hollow core and solid slabs create strong and durable floors in less time, and precast walls provide greater energy efficiency and are often the most cost-efficient design option.

The insulated structures also meet strict SQF and organic certifications, ensuring superior food safety and traceability. Furthermore, precast concrete offers superior aesthetics and integrated finishes, allowing for more design flexibility and modern, more inviting workplace style, perfect for Blendtek Ingredients Inc.’s wellness and fitness area, outdoor patios and collaboration rooms.

With precast concrete, Blendtek Ingredients Inc. and Jackman Construction Ltd. have created an advanced facility that is safe and able to meet the demands of a modern work environment.

Blendtek Boxwood Development – Cambridge, ON

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