Dell Children’s Medical Center Garages & MOB – Austin, TX

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Dell Children’s Medical Center Garages & MOB – Austin, TX

Project Overview

Dell Children’s Medical Center is a pediatric acute care hospital in Austin, Texas. Coreslab Structures (Texas) Inc. provided precast for Parking Garages I & II and the Medical Office Building (MOB) on the growing campus. The hospital is part of the larger redevelopment of the former Mueller Airport site. Both garages incorporated an architectural mix design with multiple finishes and bullnoses on the exterior where the precast was not covered by other cladding materials. Garage I, and to a lesser extent Garage II, featured the use of metal panels, as well as stone and barrier cables, at various exterior conditions. These cladding elements helped tie the parking garages to the existing hospital buildings on the campus.

Garage I incorporated provisions to support a future solar panel canopy over the top parking deck. This required early coordination to match the canopy layout to the column grid spacing of the garage. Ramp walls also incorporated pilasters on the roof to provide additional support where columns were too far away.

The south elevation of Garage II has a solid wall that will be covered by a future building. Garage II also featured a speed ramp to provide as much flat deck parking area as possible. As a result of a collaborative approach with the contractor and design team, Coreslab was selected as the precaster for a third garage, which they recently finished erecting.

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Project Attributes

Project Name:

Dell Children’s Medical Center Garages & MOB

Project Location:

Austin, TX

Building Type:

Parking Structures


Dell Children’s Medical Center Of Central Texas



Precast Producer:

Coreslab (TEXAS) Inc.

Product Types:


Project Attributes:

The production process for Garage I initiated with precast production in August 2019, followed by precast erection from October to November of the same year. Garage II followed a similar pattern, with precast production beginning in February 2020 and erection taking place from September to November 2020. The MOB project’s precast production commenced in March 2020, with the main precast erection realized from July to September 2020, and remaining pieces installed in the subsequent two months.

In terms of the precast concrete components, Garage I consisted of 630 pieces, including more than 175,000 square feet of Double Tee deck area. Garage II comprised 831 pieces, with nearly 250,000 square feet of Double Tee deck area. The MOB project incorporated 798 pieces of precast concrete, with approximately 150,000 square feet of Double Tee deck area.

Precast Benefits

The MOB project is a total precast structure that includes not only the main components but also auxiliary elements such as precast stairs and elevator shafts. The decision to utilize a total precast solution was a strategic one aimed at optimizing the project schedule. This approach enabled the contractor to expedite the construction process and subsequently hand over the completed building to the owner in the shortest possible timeframe.

For this project, narrow double tees and shorter spans were employed, which provided an advantage of higher loading capacities and thicker topping slabs compared to those seen in standard parking decks. This was possible while still utilizing the conventional 28” deep double tees.

To accommodate substantial loads from a canopy, the design incorporated deep beams and wider columns, which were critical to ensuring the structure’s stability and longevity. The application of such advanced and efficient construction methods demonstrates the versatility and adaptability of precast concrete in various project contexts.

Dell Children’s Medical Center Garages & MOB – Austin, TX

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