FedEx Forum Parking Garage – Memphis, TN

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FedEx Forum Parking Garage – Memphis, TN

Project Overview

The city of Memphis needed additional parking for the NBA team Memphis Grizzlies, and Coreslab Structures was the perfect choice for the job. The project called for 474,000 sqft of total parking area, including 1259 pieces from Coreslab (ARK) and 383 pieces from Coreslab (OKLA). Construction began in 2004, and the end result was a four-level parking garage, including one underground level.

Coreslab Structures was chosen due to their proven track record of success in the concrete industry. Their expertise allowed the project to be completed on time and on budget, while also ensuring the highest safety standards were met. With their help, Memphis now has a reliable and efficient parking garage that can accommodate thousands of fans for the Grizzlies.

Coreslab Structures (ARK) Inc.
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Project Attributes

Project Name:
FedEx Forum Parking Garage

Project Location:
Memphis TN

Building Type:
Parking Structures

Garage for the Memphis Grizzles Arena


Precast Producer:
Coreslab (ARK) Inc.

Product Types:

Project Attributes:
Total parking area 474,000 square feet. 1259 Pieces from Coreslab (ARK). 383 Pieces for Coreslab (OKLA). Built-in 2004 with 4 supported levels and 1 underground level.

Precast Benefits

Precast concrete is the perfect choice for projects such as the Memphis Grizzlies’ parking garage. The benefits of precast are numerous and include cost savings, construction speed, and improved safety. Precast construction saves time and money by allowing for faster construction times and reducing the need for onsite labor. Precast concrete also offers increased safety due to its structural strength and fire resistance. Precast concrete is also highly durable and requires minimal maintenance, making it an ideal choice for a parking garage that will see a lot of use. Coreslab Structures’ expertise allowed the project to be completed in a timely and cost-effective manner, while still maintaining the safety and quality that the city of Memphis needed.

FedEx Forum Parking Garage – Memphis, TN

About Coreslab

Coreslab Structures is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of precast concrete products. Since 1975, we have been a premier producer of precast/prestressed concrete products, supplying top–of–the–line structural, architectural, and hollow core solutions to clients across Canada and the United States.

Our extensive network of precast/prestressed concrete facilities, combined with our commitment to excellence and technical expertise, has helped us become a leader in construction innovation and sustainable practices.

Coreslab Structures (ARK) Inc.