Gen 2 Parking Garage – Goodyear, AZ

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Gen 2 Parking Garage – “Greenest Parking Garage In The Nation”

Project Overview

Downtown Goodyear is undergoing a rapid transformation as it establishes itself as a premier destination for dining, entertainment, and shopping. One exciting addition to the area is the second parking garage in Goodyear Civic Square, boasting an impressive 525 parking spaces. Coreslab Structures, renowned for their expertise in precast concrete, played an integral role in constructing the parking garage. With three levels and open-air spaces, the garage offers a total of 525 stalls and covers an elevated deck area spanning over 105,500 square feet. Leveraging the efficiency of prefabricated panels, the garage was completed in just 19 days.

Commitment To Sustainability
The commitment to sustainability shines through in Globe Corp.’s approach to repurposing prefabricated garage panels that were originally destined for the landfill. By repurposing these panels, the company not only prevented three million dollars’ worth of waste and embodied energy from going to waste but also significantly reduced the project’s environmental impact. The utilization of these panels also resulted in a shortened construction schedule of 18 to 24 months, further minimizing the project’s carbon footprint. Overall, this parking garage project exemplifies a strong dedication to sustainability by emphasizing material reuse, energy efficiency, and supporting a sustainable urban design.

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Project Attributes

Project Name:

Gen 2 Parking Garage

Project Location:

Goodyear, AZ

Building Type:

Parking Structures


Globe Corp


Butler Design Group

Precast Producer:

Coreslab (ARIZ) Inc.

Product Types:


Project Attributes:

The project includes a three-level (2 supported) open-air garage with a total of 525 stalls and an elevated deck area of 105,500 sf. The construction involved the use of 308 precast pieces and the transportation of 265 loads. The entire structure was erected within a span of 19 days. It is a structural parking garage featuring 12′ wide double tees, beams, columns, precast shear walls, and exterior spandrels. The exterior finish was achieved with a smooth form grey surface that will be painted.

Precast Benefits

Coreslab Structures played a crucial role in the production and installation of key structural elements for the parking garage in Downtown Goodyear near 150th Drive and McDowell Road. The design of this garage incorporates 12′ wide double tees, beams, columns, precast shear walls, and exterior spandrels. Coreslab ensured the high quality of these elements and their adherence to the project specifications. The exterior finish, initially smooth form grey, is planned to undergo subsequent painting, adding a visually appealing touch to the garage.

The use of prefabricated panels not only showcased sustainability efforts but also resulted in significant time savings. Coreslab Structures aligned the panel installation with the construction schedule, leading to a remarkable reduction of 18 to 24 months from the original timeline. This collaborative effort between Globe Corp., Coreslab Structures, and other stakeholders highlights the successful fusion of sustainability, innovation, and timely project completion.

Gen 2 Parking Garage – “Greenest Parking Garage In The Nation”

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