Grand Center Parking Garage – St. Louis, MO

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Grand Center Parking Garage – St. Louis, MO

Project Overview

The Grand Center Theater District in St. Louis has seen a significant enhancement in its urban composition with the addition of a solidly constructed parking structure. Encompassing multiple levels and constructed using prime quality precast concrete, this massive structure is capable of accommodating around 615 cars across its sprawling five-story layout. Positioned in the bustling mid-town area, just on the outskirts of downtown St.Louis, this immense development contributes immensely to the rapid growth of the lively Grand Center Theater District.

This parking structure boasts numerous commendable features. Spanning a whopping 153,000 square feet, this establishment is a compelling demonstration of the extraordinary capabilities of comprehensive precast design. The suspended precast parking deck accentuates the robust and reliable solution it offers for parking needs in the region. The commendable craftsmanship and proficiency invested in the precasting and erection phases condensed the construction timeframe to a mere eight weeks.

The inclusion of an architectural finish, which was a standard gray cement mix with thin bricks cast in a variety of colours, and an acid etch finish, further augmented the structure’s aesthetic appeal.

Precast Producer: Coreslab Marshall, MO
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Project Attributes

Project Name:

Grand Center Parking Garage

Project Location:

St. Louis, MO

Building Type:

Parking Structures


Fox Theater LLP


VE Design Group

Precast Producer:

Coreslab (MISSOURI) Inc.

Product Types:


Project Attributes:

This newly-developed parking structure displays a range of impressive project attributes that position it as a robust and comprehensive solution. Flaunting 153,000 square feet of total precast design, the structure consists of a suspended precast parking deck, providing endurance and reliability. One of this project’s notable attributes is its speed of construction, with the entire erection process completed in just 8 weeks. A testament to its size, the 5-storey parking structure can accommodate a total of 615 cars, demonstrating an efficient use of space.

Precast Benefits

Precast concrete brought several advantages to this project, which greatly contributed to its success. Among the most notable was the speed of construction – the fact that erection was completed in just eight weeks highlights the significant time-efficiency benefits ensured by the use of precast concrete. With precast, elements of the structure were manufactured off-site and transported for installation, negating weather-dependent delays and offering a controlled production environment for achieving the highest quality. The use of 478 high-performance precast pieces, including 212 pre-topped double tees, conferred high structural integrity and durability to the edifice.

Moreover, aesthetic considerations were also satisfied through precast concrete. The exterior spandrels, made with a standard gray cement mix and thin, cast-in brick, exemplify the flexibility of precast concrete in achieving custom appearances and finishes, adding a distinctive visual touch to the structure. In summary, the advantages of precast concrete – in terms of versatility, speed of construction, structural strength, and aesthetic possibilities – played a significant role in the success of this grand parking structure.

Grand Center Parking Garage – St. Louis, MO

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Precast Producer: Coreslab Marshall, MO