Harrison High School Gym – Harrison, AR

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Harrison High School Gym – Harrison, AR

Project Overview

The Harrison High School Gym project is an exciting addition to the school district. With a total seating capacity of 1500, it will have enough room to accommodate state tournaments and large events. With the help of Coreslab Structures, the project was completed in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The project required the use of 24 raker beams, 48 columns, and 140 bleacher risers. Thanks to the precast components, the construction of the gym was completed in an incredibly fast time period of just five months.

This project was a great success for Coreslab Structures and the Harrison High School District. The team was able to provide a high-quality gym with a large seating capacity, while still staying within the given budget and timeline.

Precast Producer: Coreslab Conway, AR
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Project Attributes

Project Name:
Harrison High School Gym

Project Location:
Harrison, AR

Building Type:
Sports & Entertainment

Harrison School District

Hight Jackson Architects

Precast Producer:
Coreslab (ARK) Inc.

Product Types:

Project Attributes:
1500 Seat High School Gym. The School District wanted enough seating capacity to be able to hold state tournaments. Project included 24 Raker Beams, 48 Columns, and 140 Bleacher Risers.  The General Contractor for the project was Nabholz Construction.

Precast Benefits

Coreslab Structures provided a unique solution to the Harrison High School Gym project by using precast components. Precast concrete is durable, cost-effective, and can be completed quickly, making it the perfect choice for this project. Precast components are factory-made and ready to install, meaning that the installation process is fast and efficient. The use of precast concrete also provided the project with a high-quality and durable structure that can withstand the test of time.

By using precast components, the project was able to be completed in a short time, while still meeting the desired budget and timeline. Coreslab Structures’ use of precast components has made the Harrison High School Gym project a great success and a model for future projects.

Harrison High School Gym – Harrison, AR

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Precast Producer: Coreslab Conway, AR