Highway 34 over Canadian River – Camargo, OK

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Highway 34 over Canadian River – Camargo, OK

Project Overview

This project involves the construction of a 2,100 ft. bridge over the Canadian River in Western, Oklahoma. The bridge will be built using 80 precast concrete J-beams, a product known for its strength and resilience in the face of harsh weather conditions. This solution is ideal for a bridge of this size as its durability will ensure the structure can last for decades.

These beams are easy to install, helping to speed up the construction process, and require little to no maintenance once fully installed. This project promises to be a long-lasting example of efficient and affordable construction using precast concrete products.

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Project Attributes

Project Name:

Highway 34 over Canadian River

Project Location:

Camargo, OK.

Building Type:

Bridges / Transportation


Oklahoma Department of Transportation



Precast Producer:

Coreslab (TULSA) Inc.

Product Types:


Project Attributes:

2,100 ft. span, Built using 80 precast concrete J-beams.

Precast Benefits

The precast concrete J-beams used on this project are an ideal choice, because they offer both structural strength and excellent durability in even the most extreme weather conditions. Additionally, these beams are relatively easy to install, allowing for quicker construction when compared to other materials, and they require very little maintenance afterwards. The economic benefit of this project is clear, as the use of precast concrete products will reduce labor costs, while also providing a sturdy and long-lasting structure that can withstand the test of time. The bridge over the Canadian River in Western, Oklahoma will be a prime example of the advantages of using precast concrete J-beams for large-scale projects.

Highway 34 over Canadian River – Camargo, OK

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