Highway 33 over Cottonwood Creek – Guthrie, OK

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Highway 33 over Cottonwood Creek – Guthrie, OK

Project Overview

When Coreslab (OKLA) and Coreslab (Tulsa) joined forces on this project, they had their work cut out for them. With 136 prestressed bridge beams to supply, the teams worked collaboratively to ensure the highest possible quality and adherence to the General Contractor’s exact standards.

The precision and attention to detail demonstrated by Coreslab (OKLA) and Coreslab (Tulsa) was invaluable for the successful completion of this project. Their prestressed bridge beams were used to construct the piers with an architectural finish, an essential element of the bridge’s overall aesthetic. The teams worked side-by-side with the contractors to make sure each beam was up to the required standard, and their efforts paid off.

The partnership between Coreslab (OKLA) and Coreslab (Tulsa) was fundamental in ensuring the success of the project. Their collective knowledge and experience enabled them to provide the high-quality prestressed bridge beams that were needed, and they were able to meet the demanding specifications with precision. As a result, the bridge was completed with an impressive architectural finish, all thanks to the hard work of Coreslab (OKLA) and Coreslab (Tulsa).

Precast Producer: Oklahoma, OK

Project Name:
Highway 33 over Cottonwood Creek

Project Location
Guthrie, OK

Building Types:
Bridges / Transportation

Oklahoma Department of Transportation


Precast Producer:
Coreslab (OKLA) Inc.

Product Types:

Project Attributes:
Coreslab (OKLA) and Coreslab (Tulsa) partnered on this project, supplying a total of 136 prestressed bridge beams.

Precast Benefits

Precast concrete products from Coreslab (OKLA) and Coreslab (Tulsa) provided essential benefits for this bridge project. Working together, the teams were able to produce prestressed bridge beams of the highest quality and adhere to the exact specifications demanded by the project. Their expertise enabled them to construct the piers with an impressive architectural finish and precision, making the most of their combined knowledge and experience.

The precast products offered durability, structural integrity, and cost-effectiveness, ensuring the bridge was completed to the highest standards and within a tight budget. In the end, the project was a success thanks to Coreslab (OKLA) and Coreslab (Tulsa)’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail.

Highway 33 over Cottonwood Creek – Guthrie, OK

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Precast Producer: Oklahoma, OK