BJC East Staff Parking Garage – St. Louis, MO

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IKEA – St. Louis, MO

Project Overview

This project encompasses the assembly of a two-story retail facility, fundamentally supported by a precast concrete podium deck. This deck not only serves as a sturdy base but also accommodates covered parking for both clientele and employees. The primary objective of the project was to effectively capitalize on available space while maintaining ease of access and good traffic flow.

Ensuring a swift build and adhering to the project timeline were key aspects of this project. Through the on-going supply of resources, we managed to mobilize and operate two cranes simultaneously for a consecutive 35 days. This was conducted throughout the first phase of the project where the precast concrete components were adeptly set up in the designated regions. This strategy quickly showcased the merits of using precast concrete, accelerating the construction process whilst maintaining superior quality.

Subsequently, in the second phase of the project, resource use was optimized and costs reduced by operating just a single crane for an identical period of 35 days. Additionally, the project utilized Hollowcore that we provisioned through Stress Cast, further amplifying its quality.

Precast Producer: Coreslab Marshall, MO
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Project Attributes

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Project Location:

St. Louis, MO

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Greenberg Farrow

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Coreslab (MISSOURI) Inc.

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Project Attributes:

The construction of the retail building located at the western edge of downtown St. Louis was an impressive project characterized by significant scale, rapid construction speed and a precise focus on functionality. The 205,000 square feet podium deck was comprised of double tee precast concrete, methodically measured to maintain a width of 10 feet which effectively minimized the risk of camber inconsistencies. This meticulous design not only guaranteed a flat top surface, but also ensured smooth operation of forklifts within IKEA’s high-rack storage system.

Precast Benefits

The utilization of precast concrete in the construction of this retail building offered several key benefits that significantly enhanced the project’s efficiency and quality. Firstly, precast allowed for the controlled production of the double tee components, leading to consistent dimensions, quality, and durability, which can be harder to achieve with in-situ concrete. Second, the standardized size of the precast components helped to maintain the camber and flatness of the upper floor, facilitating the efficient operation of the in-store systems. Third, speed was a major benefit – using precast concrete components enabled the concurrent erection of the structure by two cranes for 35 days, expediting the overall construction timeline. Finally, the use of precast allowed the continuation of construction activities with a single crane in Phase 2, showcasing the flexibility offered by precast and its suitability for large-scale retail construction projects.

IKEA – St. Louis, MO

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Precast Producer: Coreslab Marshall, MO