Love Church – Omaha, NE

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Love Church – Omaha, NE

Project Overview

Coreslab Structures (Omaha) Inc. was selected to manufacture the precast concrete wall panels used to construct the new Love Church in Omaha, NE. Precast concrete was chosen for its rapid speed of construction and its aesthetic versatility. In total, 32,000 square feet of precast concrete wall panels and insulated precast concrete sandwich panels, with 4″ of insulation, were used on the project. The finishes included acid etching and sandblasting on the wall panels, and thin brick, in a color of Endicott Manganese Ironspot Velour, on the insulated sandwich panels, providing a modern look.

The new facility features a main auditorium seating about 750, plus a children’s wing and other gathering spaces highlighted with the church’s hot pink “L” logo. Additionally, a high-tech stage was installed, which includes a giant LED screen (40 feet wide by 10 feet high) to provide enhanced views of videos, graphics, lyrics, and words. Construction was completed in December 2020, and the congregation celebrated its grand opening on Christmas Eve.

Precast Producer: Coreslab Omaha, NE
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Project Attributes

Project Name:
Love Church

Project Location:
Omaha, NE

Building Type:

Love Church

Leo A Daly

Precast Producer:
Coreslab (OMAHA) Inc.

Product Types:

Project Attributes:
32,000 square feet of precast concrete wall panels and insulated precast concrete sandwich panels were used on the project. 94 Wall Panels, 18 Base Pieces, 3 Trash Enclosure Panels.

Precast Benefits

Coreslab Structures (Omaha) Inc. was able to provide the necessary precast concrete components to complete the Love Church construction project in Omaha, NE. The use of precast concrete provided several benefits to the project. Precast concrete is an ideal material for a construction project like this one due to its rapid installation, long-term durability, and versatility in aesthetics. The precast concrete wall panels and insulated precast concrete sandwich panels provided a sleek, modern look to the building, with finishes that included acid etching, sandblasting, and thin brick. The 4” insulation in the sandwich panels helped to provide the energy efficiency necessary in this type of building, while still allowing for the modern look of the wall panels.

The speed of construction enabled by precast concrete allowed for the church to be completed quickly and efficiently, and for the congregation to begin using the building in no time.

Love Church – Omaha, NE

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Precast Producer: Coreslab Omaha, NE