Northgate Parking Garage – Rogers, AR

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Northgate Parking Garage – Rogers, AR

Project Overview

The Northgate Parking Garage in Rogers, Arkansas is a striking precast structure that serves as the centerpiece of the city’s business and entertainment/residential hub. Weighing in at an impressive 220′ x 124′, the 5-level structure was designed and constructed by Coreslab Structures and boasts a total of 411 parking spaces, spread across 6 levels. 42 columns, 80 L beams, 93 solid walls, 20 R beams, 20 IT beams, and 219 double tees were utilized in its construction, and the garage was firmly attached to the Kellogg Cooperate office.

On the ground level, visitors can find a well-equipped fitness center, while the top level features an event center. To top it all off, the exterior of the garage was finished off with metal screens and cables, making it a truly stunning sight.

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Project Attributes

Project Name:
Northgate Parking Garage

Project Location:
Rogers, AR

Building Type:
Parking Structures

Hunt Ventures Rogers Arkansas

Core Architects Rogers Arkansas

Precast Producer:
Coreslab (ARK) Inc.

Product Types:

Project Attributes:
This was one of two garages for the same customer that were produced back to back. This was an exposed garage that was intended to be a focal point of the business and entertainment/residential area.  220′ x 124′ Total Precast.  5 Supported Levels.  6 Total Parking Levels.  The following was used in the project – 42 Columns, 80 L Beams, 93 Solid walls, 20 R Beams, 20 IT Beams, 219 Double Tees.

Precast Benefits

Precast concrete was the ideal choice for the construction of the Northgate Parking Garage in Rogers, Arkansas. Precast concrete offers a number of advantages over traditional cast-in-place concrete. For example, precast concrete can be delivered to the building site in large, ready-to-install sections, which greatly reduces the amount of labor and time needed to complete the project. Additionally, precast concrete offers superior structural strength and durability, making it an ideal choice for a large structure like a parking garage.

The precast concrete used in the Northgate Parking Garage was also highly customizable, allowing the designers to create a unique and striking structure that perfectly matched their vision. Finally, precast concrete is extremely cost-effective, enabling the designers to build a large and impressive structure on a tight budget.

Northgate Parking Garage – Rogers, AR

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