OneAmerica Tower Parking Garage – Indianapolis, IN

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OneAmerica Tower Parking Garage – Indianapolis, IN

Project Overview

The OneAmerica Tower Parking Garage is a parking structure located in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana, adjacent to the OneAmerica Tower office building.  The OneAmerica Tower Parking Garage features a unique design with sloping exterior architectural precast cladding panels that complement the adjacent OneAmerica Tower, creating a striking visual presence in the downtown Indianapolis skyline.

Coreslab, a trusted provider of high-quality precast concrete solutions, was entrusted with the task of designing and installing the precast cladding panels for the exterior of the OneAmerica Tower Parking Garage. The panels were specifically created to replicate the 30-year old limestone cladding on the Office Tower, and to achieve this, the team took clay molds of the exterior limestone and collaborated with a form liner company to produce a urethane rubber form liner that matched the original limestone cladding perfectly.

One of the most impressive feats of the project was the team’s commitment to maximizing panel size, which resulted in fewer panels required for the entire façade. This approach significantly reduced the erection time of the exterior, and as a result, fewer exterior joints needed to be caulked, ultimately leading to lower maintenance costs over time.

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Project Attributes

Project Name:
OneAmerica Tower Parking Garage

Project Location
Indianapolis, IN

Building Types:
Parking Structures

OneAmerica Securities

CSO Architects

Precast Producer:
Coreslab Structures (INDIANAPOLIS) Inc.

Product Types:
Structural, Architectural

Project Attributes:
The parking garage comprises of six levels of parking and is enclosed by precast cladding panels on the exterior that has been carefully crafted to replicate the appearance of the 30-year-old limestone cladding on the Office Tower, lending a timeless and cohesive aesthetic to the overall development.

Precast Benefits

The construction project comprised an impressive 48,733 square feet of precast components. Each component is cast solid with a unique fractured rib pattern and boasts a light acid-etched finish and a buff limestone color that emulates the dimensional limestone of the adjacent office tower.

From an engineering standpoint, the exterior architectural precast façade of the OneAmerica Tower Parking Garage was designed by Coreslab’s engineering team to resolve a myriad of structural issues.  It is self-supporting and capable of resisting all the self-weight gravity loads and lateral loads imposed upon it, sending all the load to the foundation. This was a crucial design aspect as the garage’s lateral system is a moment frame that had too much displacement compared to the allowable movement of the ground-supported architectural precast panels.

Without the self-supporting feature of the precast panels, they would have effectively become shear walls due to their relative stiffness. The façade is tied back to the structure to resist out-of-plane wind loads and vehicular impact loads, and large slotted angles were used to allow the garage to move inside of the exterior façade, resulting in less required maintenance and replacement of the caulk and expansion joint system.

OneAmerica Tower Parking Garage – Indianapolis, IN

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