Russellville High School Gym – Russellville, AR

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Russellville High School Gym – Russellville, AR

Project Overview

This project was completed in 2015 for a school district that wanted to be one of the premier schools to host State tournaments. Coreslab Structures provided 201 bleacher risers, 31 raker beams, 58 columns, 2 transfer beams, and 92 steps to construct a facility with seating for 2500 people. This project is a testament to the quality of Coreslab Structures’ work, as it enabled the school district to provide a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for their tournament-goers.

The use of Coreslab Structures’ products enabled the school district to have a facility that meets the highest standards of safety and excellence.

Coreslab Structures (ARK) Inc.
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Project Attributes

Project Name:
Russellville High School Gym

Project Location:
Russellville, AR

Building Type:
Sports & Entertainment

Russellville School District

Hight Jackson Architects

Precast Producer:
Coreslab (ARK) Inc.

Product Types:

Project Attributes:
Seating for 2500 people. 201 Bleacher Risers. 31 Raker Beams. 58 Columns. 2 Transfer Beams. 92 Steps.

Precast Benefits

The use of precast concrete for the Russellville High School Gym project enabled the school district to construct a facility with seating for 2500 people in a fraction of the time it would have taken with traditional methods. Precast concrete offers a variety of advantages compared to other building techniques, including improved safety, cost savings, and a fast, reliable construction process.

Precast concrete is an extremely durable, structurally sound material that is safe for use in large, high-capacity spaces such as the Russellville High School Gym. The precast concrete risers, beams, columns, and steps used for the project provide a reliable, long-lasting structure that can easily withstand the demands of hosting State tournaments.

Russellville High School Gym – Russellville, AR

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Coreslab Structures (ARK) Inc.