Texas Children’s Austin North Hospital & Garage – Austin, TX

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Texas Children’s Austin North Hospital & Garage – Austin, TX

Project Overview

Texas Children’s Hospital wanted to expand its presence to Austin, Texas by building a new campus. The design and general construction teams knew early on that precast construction could help them achieve the project demands and realize the fast-track schedule. Coreslab was hired to ensure the design process was as effective and efficient as possible.

The new campus included an architectural precast panel main hospital and outpatient building and a precast parking garage. Schedule and site logistics coordination were essential to allow multiple structures to be built with multiple tower and ground cranes at the same time. The drafting and engineering started in April 2021, production began in July 2021, delivery was in January 2022, and the final precast panels were set in December 2022.

The hospital and outpatient building included 269 6” thick architectural precast panels ranging from 24 to 386 sq ft for a total of 55,400 sq ft. The parking garage consisted of 1,019 precast components, including double tees, beams, columns, flat slabs, spandrels, wall panels, and stairs risers. This equated to roughly 300,000 sq ft of elevated deck area.

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Project Attributes

Project Name:
Texas Children’s Austin North Hospital & Garage

Project Location:
Austin, TX

Building Types:
Health Care / Parking Structures

Texas Children’s Hospital

Page Southerland Page, Inc.

Precast Producer:
Coreslab Structures (TEXAS) Inc.

Product Types:
Structural, Architectural

Project Attributes:
This North Austin hospital campus features architectural precast panels on the main hospital/outpatient building and a precast parking garage. Careful coordination of scheduling and site logistics was essential to facilitate the simultaneous construction of multiple structures with multiple tower and ground cranes. Drafting and engineering began in April 2021, production in July 2021, delivery in January 2022, and the final precast panels were set in December 2022.

Precast Benefits

Texas Children’s Hospital needed a fast and efficient solution to build their first campus in Austin, Texas. The design team and general contractor knew that precast concrete was the answer. Coreslab was engaged early on to help progress the designs and provide the most effective and efficient solutions.

By using precast concrete, the project was able to be completed on the fast-track schedule while still meeting the high demands of the design team. Precast concrete allowed the project to be completed quickly and efficiently.

Texas Children’s Austin North Hospital & Garage – Austin, TX

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