Village Creek – Stoney Creek, ON

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Village Creek – Stoney Creek, ON

Project Overview

Village Creek Living is the perfect place for anyone looking for luxury living in Stoney Creek, Ontario. This condo complex is situated in the city near the historic Battlefield Park and Museum, making it a great place to live for anyone interested in history. The condos are within walking distance to the City’s transit line and within a short drive to the QEW, RedHill Valley Expressway, Confederation Park and the upcoming GO Station.

Residents of Village Creek Living will be able to enjoy beautiful views of Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment from the comfort of their homes. The area also offers many wineries, farmer markets, and dining experiences for residents to enjoy. Each suite in the complex offers the advantages of luxury living, making it the perfect place for anyone looking for a luxurious living experience.

The Village Creek building in Stoney Creek is an impressive 8-level precast structure totaling 126,366 square feet and a perfect example of precast construction at its finest.

Precast Producer: Coreslab Dundas, ON
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Project Attributes

Project Name:

Village Creek

Project Location:

Stoney Creek, ON

Building Type:

Housing (Residential, Dorms, Barracks, Retirement etc.)


Charlton Group


KNYMH Inc. Architecture ˑ Solutions

Precast Producer:

Coreslab (ONT) Inc.

Product Types:


Project Attributes:

LevelRock 3500-63,800 SF, HC -8,10, 12″ – 77,569SF, Beam 8pcs- 178LF, Columns= 30pcs – 422LF, Landing 12pcs -855 SF, Balconies =52pcs- 5,560 SF, Walls- 405 pcs- 50,022 SF, Solids – 3pcs- 145 SF, Total wet cast- 57,182 SF -510 pcs. Stained wall panels.

Precast Benefits

The Village Creek Living project in Stoney Creek, Ontario has many precast benefits that can save time and money while ensuring a superior end product. Reduced construction time, increased structural integrity, enhanced versatility, improved fire resistance and cost savings can all be achieved by utilizing precast components.

Additionally, precast components allow for increased design potential, allowing for complex architectural designs and finishes to be used in the building. All of these benefits result in a unique, eye-catching building that stands strong and secure for years to come.

Village Creek – Stoney Creek, ON

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Precast Producer: Coreslab Dundas, ON