Field Patching Supervisor

  • Basic Responsibilities for the field Patching Superintendent consist of but are not limited to the following:
    1. Making sure all Coreslab safety policy are being followed, as well as the General Contractor safety policies. Which includes the following:
      1. Coordination of all safety training
      2. Getting all of our sub-contractors through any on-boarding processes
    2. The ability to direct and guide all of our field patching team in a manner to reduce cost. Consisting of the following:
      1. By overseeing patching and cleaning processes of precast concrete.
      2. Overseeing the grouting process during erection
      3. Ensuring when man power arrives on the jobsite there is equipment there to work with/on.

Along with making sure the completion date is met within the allotted schedule and time.

  1. Supervise and ensure that the quality set by PCI are being meet, with in production and erection.
    1. By monitoring grout samples, to ensure we are getting the proper breaks on cylinders.
    2. Keeping on top of Punch list to ensure it is being completed in a timely manner and all punches are done with quality at mind.
    3. Completing quality Assurance Inspections at the end of each job to adhere to PCI standards.
    4. Be able to become Certified Field Auditor and keep up with the field audits that are required by PCI.
  2. Have the ability to communicate in business-like manner not only inside the company but also outside the company. Which includes the following:
    1. Communicating back to the plant with ongoing jobsites problems which includes production errors, etc.
    2. Communicate PCI standards with the General Contractor about fixes, patches, and cleanings.
    3. Working closely with project management team to work through issues as they arrive.
    4. Communicate with architects about standards set forth by PCI.
  3. Supervisor should have the ability to interpret Coreslabs shop drawing, along with any fixes coming from the engineers.
  4. Monitor Construction Schedules closely for deadlines, and liquidated damages that might be on a job.
  5. Keeping up with the number of repair hours for each job.
  • Expectations:
    1. Ability to work with minimal supervision on a day to day base.
    2. Have decision making skills
    3. Basic Computer skills
    4. Have the ability to multi task and prioritize the task at hand.
  • Must be willing to Travel to jobsites across Texas on a weekly bases, to check on manpower and access for repairs.
Job Categories: Production
Job Types: Full Time
Job Locations: Austin.TX
This job is no longer accepting applications.