Edward Jones World Headquarters, St. Louis, Missouri

By using precast we were able to create a new 21st century identity for our client while still remaining contextual to the immediate environment. In addition, it was an added benefit to work with a manufacturer with local representation and a regional plant; this aligned well with our firm’s goals of sustainable best practices by having reduced distance for shipping of materials.”

William Decker, Architect ARCTURIS

The challenge presented was to construct a 6-story office building and 4-level parking structure concurrently on a tight site located on the corner of a high-traffic intersection under an accelerated schedule while allowing for the continued operation of its corporate headquarters to which the new office building would connect. This is Edward Jones World Headquarters. The Office building features a precast cladding that connects to and bears on a steel frame. The Garage is a total precast structure designed with pre-topped double tees and all stainless steel connections. Since the 1970s, the original office building, a modular, cubic rendition of precast and glass
commanded this familiar high point at a major highway interchange. Edward Jones bought the site years later to house its corporate headquarters, now known as their “South Campus.” The Office facade is a sleek and well-proportioned mix of precast, metal, and glass that encourages the eye to linger and admire. The 263 precast pieces for the Office were produced in a buff color with limestone aggregate. Edward Jones World HeadquartersBoth light and medium sandblast
finishes reflect the aesthetic presented by the prominent existing building. The Garage is comprised of 679 precast pieces. Its main stair/elevator tower projects 45 degrees from the west elevation of the garage; of its two exterior walls one is solid precast, the other a full height glass curtainwall. This detail repeats at two other stair towers, and as a ribbon atop the grade level spandrel along the south elevation complementing the precast
and giving the garage a crisp, smart look. Limited on-site staging space dictated the use of shuttle drivers to provide just-in-time delivery of precast components to the crane. Quality control delivered precast components
of consistent color and finish. Edward Jones took occupancy of the office and garage in November 2009.